Digidub records

Started by Lee Berwick in South East London in the late 1980’s, back when this area of London was cut off from the rest of the world, Digidub was initially a studio but soon became a record label, remix and live music/dj act.

Acts on the record label included L.S.Diesel, Launch Dat, The Mudskipper, Dodo and Smart Alec and Cleffor Cloggs (as well as many many others).

Gigs took place all around the U.K, Europe and later the world. Squats and festivals were the initial venues of choice but times changed…

Full Discography of the Digidub releases is up there on Discogs.  https://www.discogs.com/label/11428-Digidub-Records

In 2021 we are releasing music again, starting with digitally releasing our back catalogue as well as a few unreleased bits. Check the shop page for details.

Check this link for recent digital releases


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